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A joint publication by the Administrative Conference of the United States and the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

The Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook (Sourcebook) is an annotated compilation of the key legal sources governing nearly every aspect of administrative procedure. It provides an overview of the major laws governing administrative procedure and offers access to statutory text, legislative history, agency regulations, guidance documents, law review articles, and other sources of relevant information.

The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) maintains the Sourcebook as a continuously updated online resource, adding new resources as they become available. In so doing, it regularly consults with the ABA’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, whose designated editors (Professors William Funk and Jeffrey S. Lubbers) provide input regarding important updates and developments. ACUS also invites users to inform us of any errors and to recommend inclusion of other resources. You may do so by contacting ACUS at Sourcebook@acus.gov.

  1. Administrative Procedure Act
  2. Judicial Review of Agency Action
  3. Congressional Review of Agency Rulemaking
  4. Rulemaking Requirements from the Executive Office of the President
  5. Administrative Dispute Resolution Act
  6. Agency Practice Act
  7. Contract Disputes Act
  8. E-Government Act of 2002
  9. Equal Access to Justice Act
  10. Federal Advisory Committee Act
  11. Federal Register Act
  12. Freedom of Information Act
  13. Government in the Sunshine Act
  14. Government Performance and Results Act
  15. Information Quality Act
  16. National Environmental Policy Act
  17. Negotiated Rulemaking Act
  18. Paperwork Reduction Act
  19. Privacy Act
  20. Regulatory Flexibility Act
  21. Unfunded Mandates Reform Act

The Structure of the Sourcebook

Most chapters are structured as follows:

  • Statutory Citations. This section includes U.S. Code, Public Law, and Statutes-at-Large citations, including significant amendments.
  • Lead Agency. This designation identifies agencies that oversee or administer a significant aspect of the statute. The Overview section usually elaborates on the lead agency’s role.
  • Overview. This section summarizes the content of the law and its applicability. Any observations or conclusions represent only the judgment of the editors.
  • Bibliography. The Bibliography includes major works and other useful references.

About the Sourcebook

Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook

ACUS published the first edition of the Sourcebook in 1985. Since 2000, the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice has published subsequent editions. William Funk and Jeffrey S. Lubbers served as the editors for several editions of the Sourcebook, including the most recent fifth edition in 2016. In 2018, ACUS and the Section announced a joint initiative to publish subsequent editions of the Sourcebook, which led to the development of this continuously-updated electronic edition of the Sourcebook that is now free to the public.


ACUS is an independent federal agency charged with convening expert representatives from the public and private sectors to recommend improvements to administrative process and procedure. ACUS initiatives promote efficiency, participation, transparency, and fairness in the promulgation of federal regulations and in the administration of federal programs.

Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice is a gathering place for lawyers who seek to explain and improve the functioning of administrative agencies. It provides support, training, and contacts relevant to cross-cutting issues of administrative procedure and regulatory policy.

ACUS Staff Editors

Matthew Gluth. 2021-

Danielle Schulkin, 2020-2021

Jeremy Graboyes, 2019-2020

Frank Massaro, 2018-2019


We welcome public input on the Sourcebook. If you identify any errors or omissions or have questions regarding the Sourcebook, please contact us at Sourcebook@acus.gov.